What Our Clients says about us

Service was welcoming and overall faultless. Guides were always available to answer any questions and help. Would 100% recommend and will be using their services again.
Mohib Miah
Highly recommend Bismillah Hajj & Umrah Group, Sheikh Kauser & the team were always at hand. The team made the logistics from start to end as easy as possible.
Rahi Ali
Bismillah hajj helped me with my visa application for Umrah. Sheikh Kauser Uddin was very helpful, polite and the service I received was prompt and ran like clockwork. Excellent work thank you.
Highly recommended. A very good agency with professional staff. We really enjoyed our trip and look forward to many more- IA.
K C Al Aqsa Feb 2019.
I would highly recommend Bismillah Hajj and Umrah. Their services were amazing. Such knowledgeable leaders who were happy to answer any questions we had on the trip. Brother Kawsar and Brother Zeeshan were very attentive and made sure all ran smoothly. Very grateful for my experience, looking forward to booking with them again In'Shaa'Allah.
Aksaa Sheikh Al-Aqsa 2019
Assalamu alaikum This was my first ever trip to umrah alhamdulilah, I went with my family of 6. Bismillah Hajj & Umrah was highly recommended by my sister and brother in law. Now i will highly recommend them myself to anyone looking to venture to Mecca to perform their Hajj or Umrah, also to Madinah. Sheikh Kauser bhai was a brilliant group leader and tour guide, he made sure of our satisfaction before we even left let alone when we got there. He always made sure everyone was happy and always had an itinerary put it place and stuck with it. Everything we was promised i.e. ziyarats, tours, activies, everything was delivered. Kauser bhai was group leader for the men and his wife, sister Imani for the women, however they where both as open as eachother, so humble, friendly and easy to approach!! There 3 young sons travelled with us Mash’allah they are such knowledgeable gemstones, for anyone who might even be ashamed to ask Kauser bhai or sister Imani some basic questions, ask there son Ibraheem who will give you an answer to your troubles. Mash’allah. Bismillah’s ground team in Mecca were very helpful in pulling strings for you, if you were stuck in a pickle they would help you as much as they could, even with something like bargaining a price to stop you from getting ripped off, its the little things that count! This was done for me personally by Nessar bhai and Bablu. The ground team in Madinah we had none other than Kausers bhais niece Fatimah, who Mash’allah is very attentive and resolves any troubles you may have. We had a slight issue with a foldable bed and a rude housekeeper in Madinah, but alhamdulilah due to there ties with people higher up we got that issue sorted out real quick. Plus she speaks the local dialect so she was real useful to have around! Overall i would recommend Bismillah Hajj & Umrah to first timers, second timers, third times, forth timers etc!! You cannot go wrong with them they are all tooo lovely Mash’allah.
Jahangir Hussain Easter Umrah 2019